Saturday, July 10, 2010

lena lena

i feel so sad and shitty right now and its mostly cuz i'm run down I know... but it's this Julian thing too.. it just has to stop.. i wasn't letting it. and it's time. it's just making me sad. i gave him everything, my heart and all my secrets, and it was like pouring my soul out into a leaky bucket.

i guess he taught me a lot of things.

i guess i've just grown up enough to see it all.

i guess that's good.

it hurts. growing pains i guess.

i have to look at this script for tomorrow

i have to wake up early and go and do it all day. and then. i can sleep.

Ohhhh, Lena just came by to get a stamp of approval on how she looks before her friend picks her up. I love it. She looks amazing of course. And she can just run across the hall. Makes me happy.

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  1. I'm not sure what you need right now that will help. But I, for one, think you are an amazing, and strong, and resilient, and have a beautiful heart. And caring about other people is not a weakness.

    But putting your own well-being first is not a weakness either.

    Stay safe.