Tuesday, July 6, 2010

new header

ok this was really fucking hard and is still a work in progress.... i also wanted to make it transparent but I only have that "paint" crap that comes on the computer not photoshop so I'm not sure how... aghhhhhhhhhh..... opinions?


  1. I think it's excellent - better than what i could do! There is always gimp (i know strange name) but its the free version like photoshop.

    you should drop by Lynn's Blog, she has this http://pbackwriter.blogspot.com/2007/12/index-of-freeware-online-tools-for.html which lists freeware

  2. pick a bright color that isn't already in your background, and then on the blog, you define that color as the background. That probably makes no sense, but if it does, maybe that helps.

  3. I like the header very much! And I wish I'd been around to read your post where you seemed very discouraged ... would have given you a cyber hug. Hugs, Scarlet. I hope everything is better now.

  4. emily- thanks!! ill go check out her site too...

    k- it does but i used an image for the background, and the header is an image file too that's opaque... i think maybe if i post it online i could do that though

    phoenix- thanks, and the cyberhug is just as appreciated now. and returned.