Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dream last night

Last night I had a dream I was at Julian's like he was having some kind of a party there.... and everyone was downstairs and I was upstairs because I wanted to go into the bathroom and I found his phone in this other room and took it in the bathroom to try to look through it quickly but I heard someone coming up so I went back into the other room and this hippie looking, like old dead-head type guy said, "You're Scarlet right?" And I said, "Yeah," and he said "Oh, I read your blog, I figured that was you..." And I was just about to say "Oh my god, you can't tell him--" and he was like "Yeah, that it was him, the way you describe the color of his tie and everything he says," and I was just like, we were standing right at the top of the stairs and I could see Julian downstairs talking to people, and the guy said to me "Just so you know, he's happily married for seven years. But you know, it gets boring sometimes..." and I said I have to go and I ran down the stairs and just walked out and heard someone calling after me but I just kept going, running out into the night.


  1. Oh no... those are the very worst kinds of dreams. Reboot! And remember, perfect strangers you meet at parties never get to pretend they know more about your life than you do.