Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ex Ballerinas

I have to go shoot this interview for a film Celine's friend is making about ex ballerinas. He sent me an e-mail with the questions. I know I'm dutybound by the first rule of Fight Club to only say good things about Fight Club, and to talk about the instructors and choreographers and other dancers with adulation as hi fructose corn syrup oozes out of the corners of my mouth but I wanna say that as soulful and incredible as the life can be it's soulcrushing (and bonecrushing and anorexifying) for most, and that 999 out of 1000 ballerinas are ex ballerinas after a few years, and its kind of a dead art, like jazz or classical music or even a lot of theatre, sadly, most of whats done that's good is just, technix, if not PYROTECHNICS, which is really sad.

And that I'm eternally grateful for it because it got me the hell out of dodge and to all sorts of cool places I would've never gone...

And then one of the questions of course is: What do you do now? Do you use your dance training in any way today? And of course I'm gonna say, well, sure, the discipline I learned, the blafuckingbla, respect for my body (yeah right, most classical ballet dancers battle their bodies on the daily), and art and blah. And I'm a student, now. The truth would actually be great. Now? Oh, now I'm a dancer. Yes, I use my dance training. I make a living dancing.

But I don't actually, I feel like I've had to unlearn a lot of it, to dance "dance" no it's really dancing, it's just really different, I mean, it's all dancing, but with ballet, there are just some really unsexy specifics....


I have to go throw myself in the wash and do that right now. I'm kinda overit. Yesterday was genius. More later.


  1. Oh come on! Don't you wanna be the bad guy in the film who leaves the audience with that lingering doubt, even though everyone else says all nice things? Someone's got to do it. That's what makes it artistic right?

  2. YES- it would make a better film... but I don't wanna draw attention to myself, like, I dunno... I came in and just gave short, slightly witty, fluff perfect little soundbyte answers. CELINE came in with NOTES. I mean she takes herself so seriously. I wanna speak my mind in my own platform and something that means something to me but not this film, it's not about me, I'm just there to be another face...