Friday, July 16, 2010


I wrote him something about Ramanujan... as well as some other stuff... when I got home. I know I said I stopped writing him. I lied. I mean, I did for a while...

It was... about Ramanujan and... other stuff and... I sent him a link to a video of one of my shows someone posted up... and I asked, well, mused, about whether he even received the e-mail... and he responded:

Subj: The woman who knew infinity

Yes I did get this. I can still call you tomorrow if you want. Let me know in the morning.



  1. I hope you're feeling better. Are you quitting counseling with J. or are you just quitting writing to him? Or both?

  2. Well he's out of town for three weeks.. I'm not gonna write him a word while he's gone... When he gets back, I dont know, I guess I'll see how I feel then. Sigh. So far, not so good.