Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Together Again.

So, I just had a dreamy night with Ty at the studio. I went over to feel out the new piano, and talk about some of the songs, and it was just so cool, SO COOL, like I didn't feel ANY pressure, any uncertainty, he was so open, and respectful, and insightful, and into it, and professional, and is just virtuosic at music-- I have to admit watching him play and create sounds was kind of really compelling and attractive. And he's just so funny and cool to be around. And before that, and last night too, I was on the phone with P for like 5 hours, and we talked about our project and we talked about life, and he's fucking like, he's right on my wavelength, in so many ways, sometimes we slide into little mutual admiration society conversation about how amazing we each find the other. But it really is.

P has always been like that for me, but lately we've really just been going so strong. And the thing is, both of them, P and Ty, and the projects I'm doing with them, are like these amazing souls I am connecting with, that I'm COMPLETELY open and honest with, like I've been with J, partly because, the level I'm working with them, they have to know these things about me, and also they're artists, real ones, they just don't judge, and they're MEN, and it's so much easier with men, except for the issue of attraction, which there is, naturally, with both of them, I get excited to talk to them and when I think about them and laugh at the things they say for days and all of that-- but like-- it's so incredible-- they really take the work seriously, to the point where it's just downright more important and it's not gonna go there. Ty's married too. And me and P have been friends for too long and want to work together like, forever in the future. And so I'm not worried about it, so the whole thing is just so freeing and the projects couldn't be any more ideal and there's no one I would think would be better, and no one I'd trust more to get things actually done, and to have the finished product in their hands and know how to move from there... The future's looking... really exciting.


I had this business opportunity, related to P's company, and it involved finding people to make an investment.

So one of the people I contacted was the owner of this kind of glossy arts journal that had done a piece on me once, years ago, when my old band did this record and had a sort of popular single. I was like eighteen, and did the shoot and the interview, and became friends with the journalist, and ended up writing a couple things for the mag, too.

So I wrote the owner, telling him about the investment, and he wrote back that he's in this litigation and his credit lines are frozen and all this other stuff, and we just wrote back and forth for a bit and he asked me if I would want to write a short piece for the winter journal about Hollywood, and said I could pitch my project, etc...

So I wrote him back, and the e-mail ended up being like, probably the bulk of what the piece in and of itself will actually be. And I realized all of this:


  1. I'm delighted things are looking up!!

  2. Wow it sounds so good to hear you in this positive a mood.