Sunday, September 5, 2010

labor pains.

more, more, going through the motions to pass the time, when did i become this way, i've never been this way, i feel so old and like i'm doing everything i can to just get older

i've been bad, i've been writing julian and he'll never write me back

my mind is OPEN, it really is, to letting others in, i asked my pretty drug dealer friend to come over on friday and spend the night, he did, i'm just so tired of being alone. i slept through saturday. today was painful. i'm trying to get things done. i'm going out for drinks in a bit with celine. i'm taking it second by second, and it hurts like a bitch.

things are fine, things are fine, but i kind of wonder what i did to deserve this.

1 comment:

  1. That is a silly question, we don't get what we deserve, things happen. People are people, you can predict how large groups will act but you never know how the individual will.

    You will get through it, if you want to, the limit is your desire to move along to will be what holds you in place. That is what keeps me where I am at.