Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heat Wave

I can't take this heat anymore.
I've been basically asleep for 3 days. I was exhausted. Emotionally exhausted. And the painkillers. And all the work. All the intensity with Julian.
But no-- what it's really been-- is the 113 degree heat and the unairconditioned apartment and the only possible way to get through this misery is to sleep through it.
My muscles again feel atrophied from lack of exercise and I missed a class again.

My friend just said something funny about the blog:
"It really is so precise in its emotion.
You're not wearing much, because there is a heat wave and you're in heat and he's in heat.
It's all so hot."


It can't sustain. Ughhhhhhhh. Please god make it stop now.

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