Friday, September 10, 2010

Syncing Feeling

Funny, that.

Against all better judgment, and because I have to be at work soon, and S is coming to fix my headlight bulb in like 5 minutes, I was compelled to stop at Julian's. At like ten to 8. I decided I'd take his Eckhart Tolle CD to return it and see what happened. I almost hoped he wouldn't be there because it was such a mess and I'd be potentially blowing off a friend who was coming to FIX MY CAR...

And he wasn't. I got there, and his car wasn't in the lot.

While I was driving I heard my phone go off, e-mail alert. And when I got back in the car to drive home it was a message from Julian. The subject was "received."

I missed him by like 5 minutes.

I was compelled to rush over there when he was writing that e-mail.

It was just a thank you for sending the insurance check, and that he was looking forward to listening to my CD, and an "I hope you are well."

...But I looked in the e-mail headers (cuz I'm a stalker like that) and saw that it was indeed sent from his office IP, and actually in a response to an e-mail I wrote him a while back, that said all this stuff.


I'm not going to respond.

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  1. Alright I will admit I believe that two people can touch each other people with their thoughts, especially when the other is also focused.

    It doesn't mean its good, or that things will turn out the way you want. I remember concentrating on a similar psychic connection and getting exactly what I asked for (at least that would be what the judge would say) yet it was nothing I wanted.

    Either way, you are exhausting a lot of energy here I hope you do get something from it.