Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High Holy Days

i slept all day
woke up with distaste
and i railed and i raved

i have to get my oil changed
i have to get my wiper fixed
i have to get my right headlight fixed

my drugdealer boyfriend is gonna buy me the bulb
my neighbors a mechanic

i need to get on these things

and i havent gone to work in a hot minute

i finally got that 1000 refund i was waiting for, so i didnt feel i had to
but now i have all these expenses coming in. so i better slip on my thong and my white booty shorts and the the open lace slip and the 8 inch shows and get on in there like vinnie said.

one thing since stopping seeing julian is im not spending all that. even though he was charging me criminally low fees it did add up at the end of the month, 2x a week and all that.

i went out with the frenchies last night and now one of them wants me to be the muse for his film.

so does this other guy i met.

and of course the one guy i really know.

and then of course i have my muse.

whom i'm seeing this week.

there is some high holy day going on this week. it's a new year. it'll be my new year too.

everything will be great.

everything will be just amazing.


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  2. I hate it when you finally get your hands on some cash there's a long list of everything that it needs to be spent on.

  3. Good for you. There is always a someone out there looking for a muse.

  4. Car problems have a way of getting me down like nothing else. I can't tell by the end of this post if you really do feel amazing or if that is just your hope when you are feeling down - but hope is the most important thing in the world.

    I like muses but I'm careful with mine - they tend to want to call all the shots.