Saturday, September 18, 2010

it's okay

rescheduled for monday

who even cares

i saw my hairstylist today we went to coffee, the one who used to see him, and i talked to her, and she said you should try really not contacting him, no writing, no nothing for at least 6 months, and then if you're still interested, then contact him.

if you're still interested.

for right now though- i really just need to get over it.

I AM guys. i didn't see him for like 2 months. i'm seeing him once on monday. and then i really wont. see him anymore.

theres been some good stuff going on... really good stuff with music... stuff's okay... stuff's okay... it's okay.


  1. Make you sure say everything you need to say and ask everything you need to ask so you won't be left in limbo any more.

  2. We just want you to be okay. Glad stuff with your music is working out, that is THE best place to focus your energy.