Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soldiering ever and on

I'm like.. I'm like.. I dunno..

I'm tired. Man I'm tired. Not a lot of sleep, hardly any, ran 3 miles to the gym then took my yoga class and then swam. I met all these people at the gym and I ran into Mia, another dancer at the club, and she's one of the few cool ones and we actually exchanged numbers. She's pretty and smart too.

And then... I went to Table Top, cuz they have wi-fi now, as in Table Top next door to Cooperland, Home of J's Office, where he gets his coffee.

I sat there for 2 and a half hours. But I got all my linguistics homework done. Actually I got way ahead. Linguistics actually gets me going. It really does, and I dunno, in class today after like an hour I felt like people were getting irritated when I'd make arguments or observations the prof couldn't even really argue with, so I just shut up and looked down and wrote a letter to J in my notebook.

Obviously he didn't show up at Table Top. So I went by the Cooperland parking lot and looked in his car. To see what was in it. Unwashed. Yoga-mat. No more Paris pamphlet.



  1. The study of language can be exciting.. sorry my mind is going off on a tangent. You looked in his car that is a bit stalkerish.

    My friend Tink is the biggest stalker I know though so looking in a car window is actually mild in comparison to some of the things she comes up with.

  2. oh he KNOWS i've looked in his car. thinly veiled smirks upon my mention of its contents... "where are you going then?" "france." ::smirk:: ::smirk::

    he LOVES it

    he's a freak

    i need to keep reminding myself of this.

    id find stalking PSYCHOSEXY superhot if it was done by someone i was attracted to... what does Tink do? i need ideas.

  3. Tink and her boyfriends ex girlfriend are both nuts. The ex girlfriend (we'll call her Smed). Stalks Tink's facebook and will dress like her, do her hair, etc and has been acquiring new hobbies (those that Tink's boy friend has) Call of Duty on Xbox, football, weed.

    Tinkerbell is obsessed because Smed is obsessed with getting the boyfriend back, it has been two years. She tracks her Facebook through other peoples ID's, she will walk through house that look like hers, trying to imagine what her house is like.

    It is all very insane and Single White Femaleish (if you ever saw that movie).

  4. Keep that stalking in check. No restraining orders allowed. ;)
    Remember your post about clicking the "next blog" button? I did that yesterday. They must sort blogs according to labels or interests or something because EVERY one of mine were like pastors or Christian devotions or something. Kind of annoying, becuase I was looking for something scandalous.

  5. Ha, and I STILL get people and their goddamn kids.

  6. You're so right! Just for laughs I went and clicked next blog after yours, and it took six or seven clicks before I got away from mommy and daddy land. Then I found this one
    Don't know if you've read her but she sorta reminded me of you. Although I didn't read a lot.

  7. see?? wtf.

    Hey-- no I've never read her, she's great!