Thursday, September 2, 2010

I kind of love my classes in spite of myself.

I tried to go to work, hurried in straight after class, and it was another night of CantFuckingDoThis. And it was so slow... by fucking 11 even... I went up once, on my second song I literally just walked back and forth and sat down on the stage. It was DEAD and NO ONE was tipping SHIT. I walked up to the TWO sorrenos sitting by the stage and told them in Spanish, enjoy the show? like to tip? they said No its ok. I said, no, no, see, its not OK. you sit at the stage and watch the show, you tip. so the guy gave me five bucks. and then i was on the verge of losing it and vinnie saw me and said ahhh ok. i see the look. i see the look coming on. come on casper go get dressed and ill drive you home.

then the other girls decided to ball up and come into the office to see what me and vinnie were talking about, how i get to MAGICALLY leave. and we're just sitting there talking about ray liotta or movies or some shit. and these two dancers were just standing there silent. it was retarded.

And instead I'm SPENDING money on... ugh oh never mind.


  1. I call my dancer friend Rose, Casper (because I kid her that she like to disappear) and Glow Stick, and Amish Girl. I think she is a mixture of all of the above.

    What are you spending your money on? Are you recording songs?

  2. Casper yeah thats vinnie's nsme for me cuz I come and go like the wind and often disappear out the back with slews of duderz expecting to meet me after work out front...

    my money, exorbitant rent and the remnants of a car nightmare, i live modestly but have to do it all myself, EVERYTHING, all food, etc, cuz i have no BOYFRIEND and never go out...

    my music stuff i do for free, i have a shit keyboard so i always bother others' when i perform or use the house piano, and when i record (which i'm doing tonight) its just at a jazz cat's place who really likes me stuff and lets me go over there and record. i made my website myself, etc... that said i need to invest in some more and better gear, and printing cards and fliers, at some point... people say i need to do it now... but i dont mind waiting a bit... til its better anyway...

    and all that being said, i cant work that much cuz i have school 4 days a week, and recording, and playing, and playing out, and writing, and working out, and my occasional film stuff i do, and dance classes... so i cant work that many nights a week cuz it just drains me and my motivation... and makes me drink... sigh...

  3. At first I was going to say not having a boyfriend isn't a big deal than I thought about it for a minute. I thought about my friend Tinkerbell who always has me she knows she can count on as a constant in her life-- that makes a difference.

    If I had my choice between a friend and a girlfriend I'd choose the friend for the long haul. I hope you find that.