Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Purple and Gold

I was gonna pop by his office today.
Drop in even.
That's what he wants me to do.
So I will do. Thursday. Thursday, Thursday. Wish me luck.

Today was a day that smelled like fall it was gray and it was thick and it was cold but warm there was water in the air and everything glowed, purple and gold, and today was a today that reminded me of a day that reminded me of a day that reminded me of all the years before when the gentle light of dusk was teary and blushing and trembling and blue, and the eyes of the world were a flattering light and they spoke to the heart not the head or the shoulders, and today was like the days when it all began, when you first held open the door, when I first walked out the back and down into the street electric and alive into sinking sun and waxing moon and air heavy with rain and heavy with mood, and it was thick and I was cold but warm and there was water on the dashboard and under the tires and everything glowed, blue and white, red and blue, raining indigo everywhere, and rays of purple and gold.

And it's the same old song that I've been singing for lifetimes and certain notes remind me that the melody is endless and the sadness is ceaseless and the winds are aimless and we follow them like leaves.

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