Thursday, September 23, 2010


i. have been beat. so fucking exhausted all the time for so long.


again wanna thank all you guys for being here. it really means a lot to me.

i ended up calling the playboy people cuz i need $$ and i'm just too tired to go into the club, so i have this gig doing web stuff on their site. but its totally anonymous. its just like the club really. like the same exact thing except i dont have to leave my house now that i did the initial shoot.

i don't care. my record's gonna be really good. and so totally antithetical to any pop crap these slutty reality show/pinup ho's try to do. my music is kind of like, definitely not everyones thing. but you cant make fun of it.

so i dont care.

i dontknow whats gonna happen anymore. rollercoaster again. sigh. ithink ill sleep through it.

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  1. Just sleep to keep a steady schedule, things will work out.